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What makes the HD2605 the best antenna on the market is not
only the great performance, but its ease of installation. You literally
can install this antenna in minutes. No technical knowledge
needed, it just works!
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Open the package and assemble the antenna per instructions. Since most of the antenna
is pre-assembled, this step will take under 5 minutes.
Install the antenna outdoors or inside an attic. Connect the antenna top to the antenna
input of the control box using any coaxial cable. Plug the control box power supply into the
wall. The control box is the device that you point your remote control at to make the
antenna rotate. The control box is usually installed next to your TV set.
Connect the control box to your digital TV or converter box if needed. Remember, only old
style analog TVs need a converter box. Scan for available antenna channels using the add
channels option on your TV or converter box. A scan is required to program all the
channels into memory.
Here is a quick run down of installing:
Setup is now complete! Enjoy free HDTV programming.
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LAVA HD2605 Ultra G3 Motorized Outdoor HDTV
UHF/VHF Antenna with 20% More Gain
HD2605 - New In Stock
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Sale Price: $9.95
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The antenna
works on any
standard or HDTV.
The antenna
will work with
both analog and digital
The antenna
will support
multiple TV sets at
once on different
You can install
the antenna
anywhere. It does not
need any external
power supply.
The antenna
is very simple to
install. No technical
knowledge needed.
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