Ground your antenna with surge protection!
Our inline surge protectors provide
protection from damage by lightning or
any other high voltage surges. This is
your best line of defense for TV

Installing is simple, just connect the
surge protector on your coaxial cable
and your antenna is protected.

With the purchase of our surge
protector, your antenna warranty will
This small and simple device is well worth it!

  • Protects the antenna without having to hard ground wire.

  • Extends your warranty from 2 to 5 years + all storm damage

  • Installs in seconds.

  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that you are protected and
    FULLY covered if anything happens to the antenna within 5 years.
be upgraded to 5 years! If anything happens to your antenna within 5
years of purchase, email us and we will send a free NEW replacement.
Proud USA company
15 years of service
Sales: 1-800-380-6822
LAVA BONUS OFFER: Inline Surge Protector w/ FREE 5 year
Warranty Upgrade
SALE $9.95
$16.59 SAVE $6.64(40%)
FREE Shipping!
Ships within 24 hours, 1-3 day delivery.
Questions? CALL 1-800-380-6822
Model # Inline Surge Protector
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