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Ultra 4 Way Splitter
for all HDTV Antennas
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

All items we sell can be returned for a full refund within
60 days from receipt of purchase.

If you are returning because you are unhappy with the
amount of channels that you are receiving or the item
is not working, please contact us first for support.

We are always able to get the antenna working perfectly,
usually within a few minutes. If we are unable to get the product
working to your full satisfaction, then we will gladly refund your
money once the item is returned.
Limited Warranty Information

We honor a 2 year limited warranty on all our
LAVA products from the date of purchase.
For the length of this limited warranty, we will
replace any defective parts or repair any
product free of charge. This warranty is
This warranty does not include any shipping,
insurance or tax fees.
This warranty is not valid if damage occurred due to user negligence or damaged was
caused by any element out of the manufacturer’s control. This warranty does not cover
damages resulting from accidents, theft, abuse, misuse or improper care, nor does it
cover minor cosmetic damages due to normal “wear and tear” of the product, or any
other cause which does not relate to a product defect in materials or workmanship.
If you need to report a warranty claim, you may do so via email. We will require
customers to submit the original proof of purchase, receipt or email confirmation.

Instructions Steps For Retuning Your TV Antenna:

1. Please do not disassemble or take down the TV antenna.

Call LAVA Electronics technical support at: 909-643-5166.

Support available Monday – Friday between 8:00AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

3. Please have your order number, customer id or receipt ready for purchasing verification.

4. The technical support department can quickly diagnose any problems with the equipment
and/or installation. We are able to resolve most ALL issues to the customer’s full satisfaction.

5. If we are unable to get the TV antenna working to your satisfaction, you can send it back
for a refund.

Click here to Generate RMA number authorization.

Please allow 1 business day to process your RMA request. We will issue you a RMA number
as soon as we review your request.
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Universal J-Mount Pole
for all HDTV Antennas
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Easy Mount
LAVA DVR HD Converter Box
Records TV in HD for FREE!
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HD DVR Recorder
30 Ft. Coaxial Cable
for all TV Antennas
30 Ft. Cable

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