2 words….love it. Thanks for your great customer service.

Looks to be a great antenna. Very pleased.
We have over 3,000 reviews of this product and have sold over 750,000+
pieces. Below are just a few dozen reviews from recent customers. We hope
to add your review soon!

Hello!! I bought the HD2605 Ultra antenna from you last month and I tell you what...I LOVE IT!!
I get 30+ channels, great picture quality, easy can't get any better than this!
Thanks for selling such a great product at a great price! I'm telling everyone I know about this!!

I received my 2605 antenna Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning we got it up on the roof
and within minutes I was getting 32 channels! Thursday afternoon and evening we endured
two heavy thunderstorms and I did not lose a pixel! I could actually follow the severe weather
coverage. I haven't been able to do that for 5 years using Direct TV! I feel safer already!. You
must understand, I live along a lake, I'm halfway down a hill and then the lake is down the hill
from me, I am quite rural and surrounded by trees, my antenna is working like a charm and I
could not be more pleased. My father wants one, and I'm pretty sure my aunt will not be far
behind! I am free of paid TV, and am saving $1000 a year. Could not be happier!

Wow! This antenna is AWESOME!! I run a resort near Cooperstown, NY. The terrain is very
hilly and TV reception has been a major problem for me. I hooked up this antenna a few days
ago and I can't believe how many channels I now receive and, they are all crystal clear. What a
great product and it is so refreshing to deal with a great company. Thank you!

GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! This antenna was so simple to install! It took about 5 minutes to put
it together. The next 15 minutes were spent installing it on top of the outside antenna pole. It
took another whole 5 minutes to hook it up, plug it in, and turn it on! Great reception! It does
everything as advertised! It is great to know that there is still a company out there that can be
trusted!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

The instructions were clear and assembly was not hard. The picture quality is great and I am
very pleased. There was a glitch with the Fed X tracking number that delayed my receiving the
antenna. It took 4 days to receive instead of the estimated two days. It was well worth the
money spent and I thank you for fixing the glitch so quickly after I contacted you. Customer
Support was very helpful and expedient.

Received my antenna on the day it was supposed to arrive. Was simple to install and took me
under 10 minutes. It really works great. Unbelievable the channels I get. This antenna is no
joke. It does work well. Will be telling others about this product. Thank you for a good product.

Best service have ever had with any company. Did what they said, product worked beyond
expectations. We live in lala land and we now have TV without $600 fee from satellite service!
Yipee! Have already begun telling friends. Lava is a great unit to use. Small & compact and
packs a punch of power!

I bought one of these antennas. I was very pleased with the fast service you gave. The
antenna works better than I believed it would. I feel like shouting out in praise from the roof top.
I live out in the country and have very poor reception, and this antenna has made it possible to
bet channels I could never receive before. Thank You.

I love my new antenna, it was easy to install. I get a lot of channels it works so good that I even
brought on for my son. I live in a rural area and most other antennas didn't give us much of a
choice of what we could watch. But we get over 30 channels now.

I got a great deal on an antenna that allowed me to cut the cable. I'm talking about the Lava
HD 2605 Ultra, full 1080 HDTV antenna. Shipping was fast and free, I had my order in three
days. Assembly was a snap and installation a breeze. Now I get 20 plus channels and I haven't
even rotated yet, Great antenna, great service, and great company. I'm telling all my friends.

I received the antenna on 21st but i just finish installing today 26th and I'm getting good quality
picture HD and a lot more channels HD and Analog. I am very satisfied with the product.

The LAVA model 2605 was easy to assemble. I put the antenna in my attic which required
nailing a 1 by 6 to existing 2 by 4. After installation I was able to pickup channels I could not
receive with an indoor antenna. I am happy with the new channels and reception.

My experience with AntennaDeals was fabulous! I can't say enough good things about Mike,
who really helped me figure things out. He always answered my e mails and questions promptly
and courtesy. Thanks for everything Mike.

Received my order exactly when I was told it would arrive. My HD2605 antenna assembled very
easily. I tested it inside the house first as suggested in the literature and received 19 channels.
All channels came in very clear. The high definition channels were sharper than from my
current cable provider. It will take some getting use to not getting my favorite cable channels,
but saving $1000.00 a year will make it much easier.

We live in a rural area with lots of trees and valleys. It is very good to be able to change the
direction of the antenna without going up on the roof each time. We can use both the high
definition and the analog TV’s at the same time with different channels on them. We get up to
35 channels now. It was easy to install the antenna.

Very satisfied with Antenna Deals and their shipping is next day. We live in the country and
didn't want to pay for satellite TV, so we researched Antenna Deals for product and service
satisfaction to its customers. I bought a LAVA HD2805 Ultra G3 antenna in October 2012. It
took about 15 minutes to set up with 100 mile range on a 15' pole atop our garage. This
antenna worked great through this winter and we didn't lose TV during heavy snow. We had a
bad thunder storm last week and the wind took down the pole and the antenna hit the roof and
broke apart. I ordered a LAVA HD2605 Ultra G3 as a replacement hoping to get more range. I
didn't think twice about going anywhere else to replace the antenna.

Hi. We installed the rotor antenna product that you sold us on our roof & we were totally
amazed at the reception of 30 channels, many HD!!!! Our neighbor has the old ugly style
antenna on a 35 ft. tower & only receives 18 channels. This unit picks up stations that are all
over 100 miles away from us. Thank you once again for your service to me as a completely
satisfied customer.

One of the best things I like when buying product online is the customer service. On how they
handle my questions and how quick their response is. This is why I would recommend them
plus the factor of fast and free shipping. I bought an antenna as a gift to a friend and right
away they sent me email confirmation about it and after that a tracking number. Very excellent
service. I recommend giving them a try.

We were skeptical as to whether the antenna would work because it is so small and so much if
it is plastic. However, we are very pleased with the broadcast reception we are receiving with
the new antenna and with the way the rotating motor and the booster work. We live in a rural
area and the closest broadcast is 40 miles away, and we are receiving broadcasts from at least
100 miles away. Great!!!!

Couldn't be happier with our purchase. The lava 2605 allows us to pull in 21 channels over the
air. Keep up the good work. I will be recommending my family and friends check you out.

Best antenna I have used. When they say 150 miles they mean it plus. Service could not get
any better than this. I neglected to correctly tighten the mast base and a storm knocked it over
breaking the front reflectors. Contacted Mike VIA email and the parts were shipped free. If all
dealers approached service with this mindset the world would be a lot happier. Thanks very
much to Mike.

My husband and I are Extremely Satisfied with our new 150 mile antenna that we purchased a
couple months ago... We live in a very small country area that does not have any TV Stations.
We pick up channels from where we used to live which is 100 miles away - plus further out! Not
only that, we live close to an Army base which have helicopters that "practice" a lot & it "used"
to greatly interfere with our TV reception - Not Any More! We have purchased another one for
a friend down the road.

Super fast shipping. Took dish off of mast and used it to hold the antenna. Took 20 minutes to
install and picked up 15 channels without turning the antenna. I am looking forward to the
$1200.00 I will be saving per year. Thanks Antenna Deals!!!

Great product fast shipping. Great reception .best of all. Great customer service had high
winds damage antenna parts replaced by customer service no question asked under 2 year
warranty. Customer service is live in America.

Excellent service. Received antenna in 3 days hooked it up and wala 17 channels YOOHOO
BYE BYE cable.

I ordered two antenna's from them. EXCELLENT!!!! They have SUPERB customer service and
warranty. They also have the best prices I've been able to find. Definitely an A+ company!

Before ordering the HD2605 Ultra antenna I had only two channels after the country switched
to digital TV. I put up the antenna today and did a channel search and now I receive 26
channels. I live in a small town in rural Montana. Thanks for this excellent antenna.

I wrote an email to the company and expected I would hear from them in a day or two. When I
opened my email I was delighted at the extremely fast response and the antenna is already
shipped within a day. Awesome service. I hope this works in my area as I am sick of paying
such hefty fees to Time Warner.

I have installed the unit and the quality of the picture is great!

This antenna is the way more than I'd hoped for. It worked so well I ordered 2 more one for my
neighbor and one for the TV at our farm. Overall a great antenna, tremendous price and super
fast delivery.

Works as advertised. What more needs to be said?

After the quick install I was able to pick up over 30 channels with great reception. I would
recommend this antenna to all my friends and I will!
Proud USA company
15 years of service
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