…truly amazed at the results, over 36 free HDTV channels

I just HAD to write back, and tell you that I installed my antenna on the roof of my house. I'm in a
very rural area of Pennsylvania, I grew up in this area, and I remember receiving "3" channels on
broadcast TV, and only one of them was worth watching. Snowy, static, noise, and some days, just
no reception worth even trying to watch. Now several years later, in the same area, with my new
TVs, I am able to bring in almost 36 channels over the air! That little antenna you're selling is
everything I had hoped it would be and more! In a phrase, You've Got To See This Antenna To
Truly Appreciate What It Can Bring In!

-Bill in Pennsylvania-

…very happy, over 30 channels, simple to install

I've got crystal clear picture and sound on over 30 channels, many channels that I did not know
were even broadcast through the air until today. I thought some of our local cable channels, were
strictly on cable, but I was wrong. This antenna has found me an extra weather and traffic
channels, rerun-TV channels, shopping channels, etc. Some even provide a digital Standard
Definition channel, as well as an extra HD Channel. Have a great day! Very happy!!!

-John in N. California-

…receiving 16 more channels than before, great product

I installed the antenna weekend before last and was happy that it gave us more than the two
channels we were receiving before. We went from 2 to 18 channels. I have already purchased a
second antenna for my deer lease.

-David in Florida-

…very impressed, picking up well over 100+ miles

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this omni antenna. I live way out in the
country and our only other option was satellite which was intermittent at best. This antenna picks
up more channels than I dreamed it could, we receive signal from Orlando which is about 100
miles from us. Thanks for such a great item at the cost of one month of satellite.......review KUDOS

-Lucy in Florida-

…24 channels inside the attic, fast shipping

Greetings. Thanks for the fast shipping. I installed the antenna on a mount mast in my attic and I
am getting a great signal. I will be ordering some for friends and family soon!

-Isaac in Canada-

...my 4th purchase, 18 channels over 70 miles away

This is my fourth purchase! I am still amazed with the signal and picture quality. I am receiving 18
channels, some 70 miles North of us! With my old antenna we could only get 3 at best. We have
installed one at our lake house, campsite and home. I am recommending your product to everyone!

-Crystal and Blake in Colorado-

…works better than I could have dreamed

I don't have a question. I bought one of these antennas. I was very pleased with the fast service
you gave. The antenna works better than I believed it would. I feel like shouting out in praise from
the roof top. I live out in the country and have very poor reception, and this antenna has made it
possible to bet channels I could never receive before. Thank You.

-Amanda in Tennessee-

…38 HD channels, completely satisfied

Hi. We installed the rotor antenna product that you sold us on our roof & we were totally amazed at
the reception of 30 channels, many HD!!!! Our neighbor has the old ugly style antenna on a 35 ft.
tower & only receives 18 channels. This unit picks up stations from Toronto, Ottawa & New York
that are all over 100 miles away from us. Thank you once again for your service to me as a
completely satisfied customer.

-Gary & Vicki in Ontario, Canada-

…I cannot say enough how pleased we are with the antenna

I wanted to tell you that we are so pleased with our antenna that we have been showing our family
what it will do. So two of our children wanted your e-bay store address so they could also get one
of the antennas. I don't know if they have ordered one yet but I told them they better get to it just in
case you might sell out. I cannot say enough about how pleased we are with it. We can get
stations that are approximately a 100 miles from us WOW. Thank you for your help and thanks
again for a GREAT product

-Rafael in Florida-

…the best antenna I have ever bought

Note: I love my antenna so much that I am buying this one for my sister. These are the best
antennas I have ever bought. I have very clear reception. Thank you for offering this product & the
fast shipping. Please feel free to add me to your testimonial list, I am happy to vouch for them.

-Douglas in Idaho-

…getting channels 80 miles away, perfect clear signal

Hey I just wanted to let you know that the antenna has exceeded my expectations. It is working
very well. My wife says that she is happy with it too because now she can watch her wrestling. The
picture off of the antenna is the clearest that I have ever seen. Thank you for a great product. I
live about 80 miles from Dallas, Texas and I pick up Dallas like I was sitting there. Thanks again
and have a Blessed day.

-Bill in Oklahoma-

…no more cable or satellite bills, great communication and quick delivery

I received the antenna today. I decided to assemble it and try it out in my office before mounting it
on the rooftop. Wow! I am impressed with the quality of the picture and the number of stations,
both analog and digital, that I can pick up. I am anxiously looking forward to getting the antenna
mounted on the rooftop. I don't believe I will miss cable or satellite TV.  Thanks for the great
communications and quick delivery of the antenna.

-Tom in Arizona-

…buy this antenna, you will NOT be sorry, amazing results

This Antennae is great!!! I tested this antennae just 8 foot off the ground with a cable through a
window attached to a TV. I was picking up TV channels I never knew existed. Buy This Antenna
You Won't be Sorry!.

-Jimmy in Brenham Texas-

…blown away with channels over 100 miles

It's here, it's up and it's awesome. we are just blown away. I cannot believe how great it is. We can
get stations that we could not even begin to get before, one of them it well over a hundred miles
away and we haven't even used the remote yet. Thanks so much

-Paul and Elizabeth in Australia-

…25 channels and couldn't be happier

I didn't have a question didn't see any other way to send this to you just wanted to say thanks I
installed the antenna it works great I have a place in the country Hillsdale Michigan with old
antenna only could get one channel all the time a few more at the right time with the digital
converter box with this antenna after moving it around and searching for signal I am now getting 25
channels very satisfied.

-Thomas in Michigan-

…the most bang for my buck ever, excellent product

I bought a antenna from you in November for my family vacation home in upstate New York. Just
this week was the first time I used it since the February switch over date. WOW!!! The picture was
unbelievable! Instead of the same 3 local channels that have been there my entire life, I received
21 channels without even moving the rotor. This was the most bang for my buck I have ever
gotten! Ever. Excellent product at great price. I felt compelled to let you know. Thank you.

-Kenny in New York-

…have purchased 47 units, reselling this awesome antenna

If I could leave 10 stars I would instead of just 5, the little antenna works better than my old 20 ft
tower one! I have bought 10 units already and installing them fast. Thank alot....just happy and
wanted to let you know.

-Jose in Puerto Rico-

…have bought 5 units for family, 13 channels in the middle of nowhere

Went from receiving 3 channels to 13 in my area. I had tried 3 different antennas before I came
across this one. I am so pleased with the results, bought 5 more for friends and family. High

-Mark in Texas-

…antenna getting over 26 channels, easy setup

Just wanted to write to let you know how satisfied I am with your indoor antenna. I am using it in my
den along with a digital converter and an older TV. In the living room I have the same setup except
it is on a small outdoor antenna on a short pole. Your indoor antenna is doing better than my old
outdoor antenna. I live in Florida where I get stations from Mobile, Ala, Pensacola, and Destin.  All
in all with the digital stations (channels) I receive about 26 channels without moving or rotating the
antenna. Later on, I may buy another one for the living room and connect the outside antenna to it
which is feature available that I have not tried yet and may not need to.

-Reba in Florida-

…I love it, best price online

Just wanted to let u know I received my antenna on Saturday. My husband installed it and I love it!
The reception is so much better... It's a great antenna, I compared prices and I saved money, best
price out there and got a much farther viewing range.

-Cathy in Iowa-

…my 5th purchase, highly recommended

I have been very pleased with your antenna's, first I ordered one, loved it told my family now this is
my 5th one I have ordered. Highly give my recommendation.

-The Ashley Family in California-

…picked up new channels I didn’t know existed

I installed your Lava antenna last night.  Having tried two other antennas from elsewhere, both with
amplifiers, I had little hope this one would be any better.  I live down inside a deep ravine with no
line of sight to anything.  Not only did I get the “local” channels 30 miles away, I found two more I
didn’t know existed. I have to say, yes, this product rocks.

-Joe in West Virginia-

…picking up channels in 75 miles all directions

Just letting you know that we are very pleased with our new antenna!  One phenomenon we
experienced was that we are able to get two distinct sets of channels.  If we auto program at night
we get all the locals within 75 miles.  If we program at daybreak we pick up all the channel in ft.
Worth, San Marcos, Bryan etc...maybe you have some tuning tips:-). Still learning, awesome,
awesome, awesome!

-Marvin in Michigan-

…working fabulous, over 49 channels

The picture is fabulous and we have found 49 channels in the one direction!
Thanks! The antenna so far is just lying on top of some cabinets hooked to the TV and picks up
probably 18 or 20 stations and the HD color is amazing after cable which was very poor.

-Skylar in Texas-

…33 channels, recommending to friends

THANK you so much. Just got my antenna installed today. I am receiving 33 channels so far.
Excellent picture. Thoroughly pleased thus far, have recommended this to two friends and 2
strangers so far. Great work guys.

-Jessica in Louisiana-

…so long DirecTV, 33 channels and loving it

I wanted to know how I can post a review for the Lava antenna. Mine was installed today and I
absolutely love it. Impressive reception. I live in Eastern North Carolina , and I am so far receiving
33 channels. Just love it. Thank you so much. Adios,Goodbye,Ciao to DirecTV. I have had
DirecTV for 17 yrs. and approx. have paid over $11,000 to them. Only wished I discovered you
guys sooner!! Happy happy happy!

-So Grateful in Eastern NC-

…36 channels, cannot be more happy

I installed it in my antenna and now receive 26 English channels and 10 Spanish channels (36
total channels). I cannot be more happy.

-Gerald in Texas-

…works great, perfect antenna

Hi this is Ansley and I want to thank you for your help on my purchase of the antenna ! It works
great and I cannot believe how perfect this antenna performs. I just want to thank you for your time
in sending me the best antenna and the extra warranty too !  It really means a lot to me and my
family. Thanks again.

-Ansley in Kansas-

…best antenna ever, going strong after 2 years

I purchased this Antenna (LAVA HD2605) more than 2 years ago. It is still the
best antenna I have ever had. I live higher than the local airport and have the
antenna on top of a 30ft tower. I pick-up 35 TV stations with it.

-Robert in Nevada-

…easy installation, no more satellite or cable bills

I am a man that believes in principle.  I discontinued my service with a popular satellite company
because they seemed to be concerned more with new customers than with keeping the ones they
already had.  I was a valued customer for over 10 years.  Enough was enough!!!  My wife and I
decided to switch to OTA tv.  We initially tried a bargain indoor flat panel antenna and it got decent
results.  I got about 15 channels.  I decided to order the LAVA HD-2605.  I was met with a letter
explaining how the LAVA HD-2805 would be better suited for my location and terrain. My wife and I
were happy that somebody took the time to do a little bit of research on possible customers. I
installed the LAVA HD-2805 in my attic and I could not believe the results. I now receive
31channels and the installation was a snap. I ran the coaxial cable into my existing wiring
infrastructure and ran the signal to all the TV's in my house. I was amazed with how easy the setup
was, and how good the quality is.  I believe the satellite companies keep this information as buried
as they can so we continue to drink their "kool-aid". I just want to thank Antennadeals for providing
a great product for a great price.  The added customer service is the icing on the cake.  I will not
pay for local channels ever again.  Thank You

-Peter in Utah-

…reception is amazing, easy to install

I can't believe the reception this antenna gets, it’s amazing. Installing was easy and quick. Free
shipping was a great bonus. Please use the review on your site, we are so happy and thanks for
your great product.

-Steven in Texas-
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